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Professional Sanitization

How Our Disinfection Process Works

With the ongoing health crisis, disinfection and sanitization on our collective minds more than ever. In addition to following CDC guidelines regarding masks, social distancing, and other preventative measures, you should be mindful of disinfecting things as often as you can. We know that viruses and bacteria can last on some surfaces for a long time. Sanitizing regularly is one of the ways we can prevent any lingering viruses from causing infection.

Our work involves making areas safe for people to live and work in. Typically, this comes in the form of water or fire damage repair. Disinfection plays a huge role in these kinds of restorations and with the COVID outbreak, we have been involved in a lot more mass sanitization work. We wanted to explain how our process works and offer some tips for your everyday sanitizing.


Our approach to sanitization is to get as full coverage as possible. As we’re sure you know, even a tiny amount of a virus is enough to transmit it to multiple people and cause problems. Whether you are seeking our services or are doing your own cleaning, we recommend that you clear off as much dirt as possible off of the services you want to sanitize. Dusty shelves and dirty counters can block the surface from being fully sanitized.

We always begin in a corner and work our way back to ensure that the entire area is sanitized properly. We also used specialized nozzles and equipment to ensure we get 360-degree spread of the disinfectant. We found that labeling and marking off the rooms you have cleaned is a great way to cover the entire home or workplace.

We offer three levels of disinfection service. The second level includes a full wipe down of all surfaces before fogging as well as a few additional perks. The third level involves monthly disinfection services. Regardless of the level you pick, we’ll provide a binder with detailed information about the work done and the type of disinfectant. We also show before and after pictures as well. If you want more detailed information about our services, you can find more info here!

The Benefits of Professional Sanitization

It’s essential that we all take steps to sanitize our own spaces. Do what you can and we can all make stopping COVID-19 a bit easier for everyone. However, a professional touch can make a big difference for your home or business in keeping everyone safe.

We’ve explained a bit about our meticulous process, but we also bring great technology with us to every job. We use the best of the best disinfectants and distribute them to every part of the space. From the most touched places to your air vents, we’ll clean it. Additionally, our pros are trained to do this process safely. Your employees won’t be as experienced and could potentially be putting themselves at risk. Lastly, we can come to assist you during off-work hours. Our sanitization process is thorough, yet quick enough for you to get back to work without skipping a beat.

Quick Sanitization Tips

We want to leave you with some quick and simple tips for you to sanitize your own space at home. Remember that not all cleaning products are designed as disinfectants. Only use products designated by the CDC as approved to fight off COVID-19. You can find a full list here. Our other tip is to disinfect your entire home at once if possible. If you’re not able to do that focus on the most important areas. This includes items that are touched a lot like faucets, doorknobs, cupboards, cell phones, and computer keyboards and mice!

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