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Southern Maryland Sanitation Services

Top-Rated Sanitization Using EPA Certified Disinfectants

Think about how often you touch doorknobs, counters, pin pads at the store, handrails and more. With the recent worldwide spread of COVID-19, it’s understandable that many businesses, schools, public places of worship, and even homeowners are concerned about how to properly disinfect and sanitize their properties.

Comprehensive Home Sanitization Services

This is especially true due to the 14-day incubation period of the novel virus, which makes us assume that at least one infected person has been in your building. At Home Services Restoration, LLC, we have partnered with a manufacturer to become certified in the application of an EPA registered disinfectant. This product has successfully reduced exposure to a broad range of bacteria and viruses.

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Choose Your Level of Disinfecting Service

At Home Services Restoration, LLC, we take a thorough approach to disinfecting and sanitizing which is why we split the process up into three different levels to select from.

Level 1: Preventative Disinfection Services

The first level is prevention and during this our Southern Maryland disinfection specialists will:

  • Begin in the back corner, farthest from contaminant entry
  • Apply the disinfectant product using a 360-degree fogger
  • Spray the disinfectant on all surfaces of your property until it looks like they’re covered in a light coat of moisture
  • Label each room or area to show that it has been cleaned

It’s important to note that in order for us to successfully spray the disinfectant, all spaces will need to be clean. If we discover that a surface is too dirty for application, we will have to clean it as part of the service. We will also leave behind two one-gallon jugs of the disinfectant solution so that janitors can continue to use it on high traffic areas. This is because with each cleaning, more protection is provided to the surface. We offer the option to purchase additional disinfectant if needed.

Level 2: Enhanced Mitigation Disinfecting

If you are certain your property was exposed to someone sick or you want to take extra precautionary measures, it might be best to select our mitigation option.

At this level we:

  • Fully wipe down every surface with the disinfectant prior to the fogging
  • Detergent clean with PreVasive BAC antimicrobial cleaner which contains alcohol, botanicals, and detergents effective for surface cleaning
  • Carefully dispose of all microfiber towels or wipes in a secure poly bag
  • Provide you with detailed notes regarding which rooms were cleaned

Level 3: Ongoing Disinfection Maintenance

If you desire or require continual disinfecting, we can provide ongoing maintenance service. This is a monthly service option in which we will do a fogging application of ambient air. Not all surfaces will be treated as part of this service, but we will provide customers with detailed notes regarding what was done.

Documentation and Support for All Disinfection Services

Regardless which level of disinfection and sanitation services you select, you will be provided with a binder full of information of the work done and the particular disinfectant used. We will also include helpful information about COVID-19.

We will also provide you with a series of pictures taken at the beginning, middle, and end of the disinfection process. These pictures will show your entire space and its contents.

It’s important to note that the disinfectant will leave spots on surfaces and will need to be wiped down after. We will provide you with a cleaner that you can use to wipe down the surfaces after we leave. If you wish for us to return and wipe down your surfaces for you, we will at an additional cost per square foot.

Discover Our Disinfection Process

For more information on our sanitization services, call (240) 348-9566 or contact us online! Serving St. Mary’s, Charles, Calvert, Prince George’s, and Ann Arundel Counties.

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