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Smoke Damage

Why Smoke Alone Can Cause So Much Damage to Your Home

When people think of dangers to their home, fire is near the top of the list. However, what many homeowners don’t realize is that smoke can be difficult to deal with too, even if there’s no fire to go with it! We’ll explain why the cleaning and restoration process for smoke damage is so difficult and why you can’t ignore it in your home.

The Restoration Process

When cleaning a home from smoke damage, the process is long and extensive. A fire is a type of chemical reaction and it can produce a bunch of different byproducts depending on the material that is burning. This produces different types of smoke, but generally, they can be classified into two groups.

Dry smoke

Dry smoke happens when wood burns. It’s grey and leaves dry powdery soot behind. Think of this as your typical campfire. It’s annoying to clean, but can be done without too much trouble.

Wet Smoke

Wet smoke is much more troublesome to clean. This type of smoke is black and leaves behind oily residues, which can wreak havoc on your air ducts and leave ugly, smelly stains on your walls.

We start by removing the ash and soot that’s is left behind. Then we need to utilize chemical treatments that can clean and visible and non-visible residue. This will get rid of any odors or stains for the future.

Overall, smoke can cause major problems for your home even without considering fire damage. Smoke stains and odors can linger for years and consistently harm your indoor air quality. This is why you need restoration pros to get your home back up and running stain and damage-free.

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