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Areas of Your Home You’re Forgetting to Clean

There are so many benefits to a tidy house. For starters, a clean environment directly impacts your thinking. When things are put away and your space is sparkling, you can better focus on other things. For many people who now work from home, a clean home will make a major difference in their productivity.

We all know the basics, pick up the clutter, wipe down the counters, sweep and mop the floors, etc., but what about the inside of the dishwasher or the front of the cabinet doors? There are numerous areas of your home that are just waiting to be cleaned.


We know we have to be mindful of the functionality of appliances. If the water filter on the fridge goes, we need to replace it. If the dishwasher is making weird noises we need to call a technician. Aside from mechanics, general cleaning is something you can do to keep your appliances looking their best and help them stay working longer.


Next time you open your fridge look past the delicious food and take a second to inspect the shelves, drawers, and walls. Chances are you might spot rings from bottles of liquids or crumbs from miscellaneous food. Empty the substances of your fridge and use all surface spray to give the fridge a deep clean. Aside from looking beautiful, keeping the space where you store your food clean will help keep your food fresh longer.


At the bottom of your dishwasher you will see a filter. This filter captures all the food bits that are cleaned off your dishware during the cleaning cycle. You have to remove the filter and rinse it out in the sink or dump the remnants in the trash to keep your dishwasher cleaning at its best.

Pro Tip: In between cycles, fill a dishwasher-safe bowl with white distilled vinegar and run your dishwasher with only the bowl of vinegar inside. This is an easy and effective way to remove any lingering odors and sanitize your machine.

Washing Machine

Noticing your clothes aren’t getting as clean as they are used too? Maybe they have a lingering odor after being washed? Your washing machine needs to be washed. Every washing machine has different cleaning instructions. Look up your model online to find helpful resources.


When you think of cleaning surfaces in your home you likely think of countertops, tables, desks, and floors. Cabinets, walls, trim, and doors are touched and used just as often but forgotten when it comes time to clean.

Cabinet Doors

The type of cleaner you will want to use will be dependent on the material of your cabinet doors. Take time to wipe down the doors themselves as well as the handles.


Certain areas of your walls may not ever be touched. However, is there a wall you kick while at your desk? Maybe the wall of the kitchen island where the family sits at bar stools? How does the wall behind the dog food bowls look? Walk through your home paying attention to areas where hands and feet may touch the walls and use a cloth with warm water or a Magic Eraser to get out any smudges.


You probably don’t pay much attention to the trim around your home. It is not at eye level so it can be easy to forget about. Due to the protruding nature of trim, it can be a great resting spot for dust. Use a microfiber cloth or a duster to clear the trim of dust, hair, and debris.

Contact Home Services Restoration, LLC

Keeping your home in tip top shape can be a lot of work, but remembering these often missed spots will keep things looking beautiful and functioning at their best. In cases of much bigger messes caused by fire, floods, or other natural disasters, our team of professionals at Home Services Restoration, LLC is ready to clean up your home and get your space restored.